Substantial Soup Turned Tonjiru (Pork Soup)/具沢山の汁を豚汁に

Japanese Food
The main dish of tonight’s supper was katsuo tataki on a mound of onion slices.

Cheap (98 yen per 100 g) but tasty enough.
安い(100 g 98円)ですが、十分美味しいです。

It was rather cold today, which made me want to turn the leftover substantial miso soup into tonjiru. I added one pack of oyster mushroom, one block of momen dofu (< tofu), a large amount of gobo, some (about 300 g) thinly sliced pork, and grated ginger. I finally added some more instant dashi, turned off the heat, and added some more miso.
今日はちょっと寒かったので、残りの具沢山の味噌汁を豚汁にしたくなりました。ヒラタケ1パック、木綿豆腐1丁、ごぼうを沢山、薄切りの豚肉を少し(300 g程度)、おろし生姜を入れました。最後に出汁の素をちょっと足し、火を止めて、味噌を少し足しました。

Very, very good indeed! The combination of pork, burdock, ginger, and miso is heavenly.

Today, my wife’s brother gave us these:
Kinpira gobo

I should say gobo-only kinpira. It was very good.

Nina (simmered nozawana pickle):

It was good, too.

Here in this area of Niigata prefecture, nina is not pronounced nina, but neena.

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