Subuta (Sweet and Sour Pork) and Fried Meat Balls/酢豚と揚げ肉団子

Japanese Food

I’ve been a kind of busy again, but I managed to make subuta and fried meat balls as part of supper tonight.

Sorry, no description of the recipe. I used shishito instead of green peppers and instant dashi instead of chicken stock.

I made fried meat (ground pork) balls for my daughter because I thought she didn’t like subuta.

I had bought a big (500 g) pre-boiled bamboo shoot, so I used about 300 g of it in subuta, and I also made clear soup with the rest of the bamboo shoot and wakame.
大きな(500 g)の茹でタケノコを買ったので、300 g程度を酢豚に使い、残りのタケノコとワカメで澄まし汁を作りました。

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