Takohiki no Ryu no Tororo Meshi/蛸引きの竜のとろろ飯

Japanese Food
Continued from Tororo Meshi
We had some (about 150 g) of the yamato imo left in the fridge, and I wanted to try the tororo meshi mentioned in Episode 3 of the TV drama, Osen.
大和芋の残りが少し(150 gほど)冷蔵庫に残っていたので、テレビドラマ「おせん」の第三話に出てくるとろろ飯を試したいと思いました。
On December 23, I asked my wife to make simmered fish (righteye flounder) as part of supper that night, so I could make the tororo meshi, using the leftover broth today.
The original recipe (Japanese only) calls for 300 g jinenjo (wild mountain yam) and 500 ml broth from simmered fish, but I  decided to mix 150 g yamato imo and 150 ml broth.
元のレシピでは、自然薯が300 gに煮魚の汁を500 ml使っていますが、私は150 gの山芋に150 mlの汁を合わせました。 
I made mugi meshi (rice cooked with barley), following the rice to barley ratio of 7:3, which is called for by the recipe.
Unfortunately, my son said that he was a little disappointed because he liked the tororo to be less soupy.

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