Japanese Food
Two days ago, my daughter told me all of a sudden that she wanted to have takoyaki. I simply dismissed her words then. Yesterday, when I checked supermarket flyers, I found that today, July 2, is Hangesho. Hangesho is the 11th day from the summer solstice, and on this particular day, it is customary to have octopus in some regions of Kansai (Western Japan). Recently, that custom has spread slowly but steadily to other parts of Japan, MAINLY DUE TO COMMERCIALISM. Anyway, it’s true that we can get octopus cheap on that day, so I asked my daughter if she wanted to have takoyaki the next day. Of course, she said yes. I was still reluctant. Making takoyaki on this hot summer day! My daughter said she would make takoyaki, and my wife also said she would make it.
So, I bought some octopus (bottom right) today, as well as some octopus karaage (top left).

Shown on the bottom right is takoyaki mix. At the top middle is tenkasu (or agedama), tiny balls of tempura batter, a byproduct of tempura making. At the top right is beni shoga (pickled red ginger).

I made all the preparations, and let my wife and daughter do the rest.

After I took this photo,

my daughter gave me another one, which contained cheese.

She said the one with cheese in it was very tasty.

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