Tamago Toji/卵とじ

Japanese Food

As I mentioned previously,
Tamago = Egg
Toji < Tojiru (to close, etc.)
Tamago toji refers to a dish completed by pouring beaten eggs over the ingredients cooked in a pot.
卵 = Egg
とじ < とじる(to closeなど)

As part of supper tonight, I made tamago toji with 250 g pork and one big onion.
今日の夕飯には、豚肉250 gと玉ねぎ大1個で卵とじを作りました。

I wanted to use four or more eggs, but I found only six of them in the fridge, so I used only two. I will need four others for breakfast tomorrow.

The broth was a 8:1:1 mixture of dashi, mirin, and soy sauce.

Edited to add:
images of tamago toji/卵とじの画像

Make a tamago toji dish according to your preference.  It may or may not be soupy.  Eggs may or may not be lightly beaten, and may or may not be fully cooked.  The broth may be a 4:1:1 mixture of dashi, mirin, and soy sauce, or it may be much lighter, say, 12:1:1.

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