Tebamoto Karaage/手羽元の唐揚げ

Japanese Food
Yesterday, I bought a bag of 1-kg “tebamoto” for 360 yen.
昨日は、手羽元1 kg 買いました。360円でした。

Today, I spent tens of minutes trying to find a good way to cook them, but after all, I decided to simply deep-fry them as karaage in my usual way.

Thus, I first marinated them in a mixture of:
75 ml mirin,
75 ml soy sauce,
grated ginger, and
dried garlic.
みりん 75 ml
醤油 75 ml

Then, I put equal amounts of flour and katakuriko (potato starch) in an I-Wrap bag, and added one half (eight) of them. I added some flour and katakuriko in the I-Wrap bag, and did the same with the other half. 

I tried double deep-frying this time: Deep-frying at a low temperature of 150-160C for 5-7 min. first, remove from the fryer, wait for a few minutes, and then deep-fry at a high temperature of 180-190C for 3 min.

For the first half, I set the temperature control at 160C, which was a mistake. After 5 min. the first batch looked like this.

I then deep-fried the other half, over low heat, without relying on the temperature control, for 7 min.
They were deep-fried fine.
Then, I deep-fried the first half at a high temperature of 180C for 3 min. Then, I transferred them to a tray, and heated in the toaster oven for 5 min., covered with aluminum foil.

I deep-fried the other half at a high temperature of 180C for 5 min. They ended up being as dark as the first half.
I was relieved to hear my daughter say, “They are delicious!”
You may wonder what “tebamoto” is. Here is a photo.
In Japan, the chicken wing is separated into three parts (left to right): tebasaki, tebanaka, and tebamoto.
日本では、chicken wingは(左から右に)、手羽先、手羽中、手羽元という3つの部分に分けられます。
The photo is copied from this blog.
I promised to my daughter that I would make chicken karaage more delicious than Kentucky Fried Chicken the next time.

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