Tochio Aburage/栃尾あぶらげ

Japanese Food

Tochio city in Niigata prefecture is famous for its jumbo aburage. Aburage is short for abura age.

I bought one today because it was on sale for 98 yen. Compare the size with the normal-size abura age on the right.

You can see a hole in the upper part of the Tochio aburage on the left, which was made when the aburage was pierced with a skewer to drain the oil after deep-frying.

You can see how thick the Tochio aburage is from the photo. Note that the bag on the right contains three normal-size abura age.

I’ll add a photo of a dish using this Tochio aburage later.

Edited to add a photo:

Slightly pan-fried to make the surface crispy and topped with chopped naga negi and katsuobushi, with some soy sauce poured over it.

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