Tonjiru (Pork Soup)/豚汁

Japanese Food
As part of supper tonight, I made tonjiru. I’m going to describe how I make tonjiru.
First of all, the absolutely required ingredients for tonjiru are, for me, pork (obviously), daikon, carrot, and gobo (burdock root). Satoimo (taro) is almost required. The following ingredients are not required but preferred: Some kind of mushroom (such as oyster mushroom, enoki, or shiitake), konnyaku, tofu, naga negi, and grated ginger. The photo below shows almost all the ingredients for today’s tonjiru.

I start by putting some water in a large pot, and put it on the stove to boil. Then, I cut daikon and add it to the pot. Then, I cut carrot and add it to the pot. I have to do the cutting and the adding quickly before the pot comes to a boil. Then, I cut gobo and add it to the pot. When the pot comes to a boil, I turn the gas low, set the timer to 10 minutes, and start the timer. I add instant dashi. I peel and cut satoimo, and add it to the pot 5 minutes after the boil. Satoimo take about 5 minutes to cook. DON’T OVERCOOK SATOIMO. I add pork, mushroom, and naga negi 8 minutes after the boil. I turn up the gas as needed. I add grated ginger. I turn off the gas 10 minutes after the boil, and add miso. Finally, I add tofu. Done.
Ideally, the cooking time should be 10 minutes, but today, because of the large amount of satoimo, the actual cooking time was 18 minutes.

My motto in cooking is to cook each ingredient for a sufficient amount of time. I don’t want to overcook, and above all, I’m all for eco-friendly cooking!

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