Tonjiru Season!/豚汁の季節!

Japanese Food
It’s been rather cold here in Niigata prefecture, so I made tonjiru as part of supper last night.  Instead of peeling satoimo (taro) with a knife, I used a sheet to aluminum foil to do this job.
Just crumple a sheet of foil into a ball and rub the satoimo.
To surprise my son, I bought a pack of honey mushrooms (naratake in Japanese) at the supermarket.
As I said several times here in my blog, naratake is called amandare here in the Uonuma region of Niigata, and is highly valued.  My son and I have been unlucky with naratake, having been unable to find it for years. 
Tonight, we had the leftover tonjiru.
As you may know, freshly made tonjiru is good, AND tonjiru left overnight is even better!

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