Tsukune Nabe, Udon Suki, and Tomato Nabe in a Single Nabe/つくね鍋とうどんすきとトマト鍋を一つの鍋で

Japanese Food

For supper tonight, I made what I would call a “dream nabe”. I mean, I wanted to have tomato nabe for supper, but I also wanted to have udon suki, and I also wanted to have tsukune (ground meat balls). I thought for a while, and hit upon a good idea: First make udon suki with tsukune, and then add some canned tomato to turn the udon suki into tomato nabe. I thought it was a fabulous idea, and I told my daughter about it. My daughter replied, rather dryly, “Anyone could think of that.”

I made six kinchaku (purses), also called takara bukuro (treasure bags), using these high-quality kiri mochi (rectangular, pre-cut rice cakes).

The “I-wrap” bag contains frozen enoki. Enoki freezes very well. I used ground pork, not ground chicken, to make tsukune this time.

I first simmered daikon, carrot, and thick portions of Chinese cabbage, like I usually do.

First, my family enjoyed having udon suki. The udon was frozen Sanuki udon.

Then, I declared that I would put one can of whole tomatoes.

My serving bowl:

Needless to say, I was very satisfied with my “dream nabe”.

Edited to add: My daughter commented that she preferred chicken tsukune, and I agreed with her.
追記: 娘は鶏のつくねのほうがいいと言いましたが、私もそう思います。

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