Udo Karaage, etc./ウドの唐揚げなど

Japanese Food
As part of supper last night, I made hash browns for the third time, using ten potatoes (almost 2 kg). I had to, because my children love them.
昨日の夕飯には、じゃがいもを10個(2 kg近く)使って、ハッシュポテトを作りました。これで3回目です。子供たちが好きなので、作らざるを得ません。

I had these udo leaves in the fridge.

Photo taken after I cut the leaves into large pieces.

(The other day, we got some nice udo from my wife’s brother. My wife made udo kinpira, using the stems, and I had made udo tempura, using most of the stems and leaves. These leaves were leftovers.)


I first thought I would make kakiage using these leaves, but I changed my mind and decided to make something like udo karaage. I sprinkled some wheat flour.

I mixed them thoroughly. I later added some more flour to achieve a right texture.

I then deep-fried them at a low temperature of 160C until crisp.

More like an appetizer for sake than an okazu for rice. Anyway, they tasted good.

My wife removed aku (harshness) from warabi, given to us from a relative.

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