Ume Jam and Ume Syrup 2014, Continued/梅ジャムと梅シロップ、2014年、続き

Japanese Food
Before noon, I found something was wrong with the ume for making ume jam: Some of them partially turned brown. The big enameled pot was not big enough for more than 3 kg of ume, and apparently, those ume that were in direct contact with the air had developed this symptom (due to oxidization?). I immediately transferred some ume to another smaller enameled pot.
昼前に、梅ジャム用の梅がおかしいことに気付きました。一部の梅が部分的に茶色くなってしまいました。大きなエナメルの鍋でも梅を3 kg入れるには小さすぎて、空気に直接触れている梅がこのような症状になっているようでした(酸化のせい?)。すぐに梅の一部を別の小さなエナメルの鍋に移しました。

After a while, I decided to boil them immediately instead of soaking them for a whole day.

I simmered both pots for about one minute, turned off the heat, and put on the lids to cool.

I drained the ume, and returned them all to the big enameled pot. Just when I thought I would add some sugar, my wife said she wanted to do it. I gave here some instructions, and let her do it. First, she deseeded the ume.
水を切って、全部、大きなエナメルの鍋に戻しました。砂糖を入れようとした時、妻が私がやりたいと言い出しました。ちょっと指示をして、やらせてあげました。 まずは種を取りました。

I told her to add about 3 kg of sugar, but she said she wanted to start with only 500 g
砂糖は約3 kg入れるよう言いましたが、まずは500 gだけ入れたいと答えました。

That small amount of sugar was enough for her.

I later had some with plain yogurt. It was good enough for me, too!

The ume syrup jar is like this.

It will take about a week. I need to patient…

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