Using a Whole Daikon for Supper/夕飯に大根一本を使う

Japanese Food

Do you know how to use a daikon for cooking properly? It is generally said that the upper part of a daikon is sweet and good to eat raw, grated or in salad, the middle part is good when simmered, and the lower part is pungent and is good when pickled.

 We got a lot of daikon from my wife’s sister, so I use them often for cooking these days.

For supper tonight, I decided to use a whole daikon.

The upper part was grated, the middle part was cut into thin slices, and the lower part was cut into 1-cm cubes.
上の部分は、おろし、真ん中の部分は薄くスライスし、下の部分は1 cm角に切りました。

I sprinkled some salt to the slices and the cubes.  I made kkakdugi (kakuteki in Japanese) with the cubes.  I used the slices to make “daikon no hasami yaki”.
The rest of the daikon slices and ground beef and pork went into the toaster oven.
I added 30 ml soy sauce and 10 ml vinegar to the grated daikon to make “daikon oroshi sauce”.
大根おろしにはしょう油30 mlとお酢10 mlを入れて、「大根おろしソース」を作りました。
I poured the sauce over the hasami yaki.
We also had leftover daikon-and-cabbage miso soup.

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