Using My Shigefusa Kitaeji Ajikiri to Fillet Small Aji/重房の鍛地鯵切を使って小あじをおろす

Japanese Food
I have used my Shigefusa kitaeji ajikiri to cut tomatoes and other vegetables so far, only to find that this particular knife was not made to cut such things. 
Yesterday, I finally got some small aji cheap. Time to try out my ajikiri!
Naturally, removing the “zeigo” (shown on top right) was very easy with this knife.

Just as I had expected, these small aji were too small to appreciate the true value of my kitaeji ajikiri……I need to buy much bigger ones.

I washed the ajikiri with detergent soon and applied camelia oil.

Please be patient until I get large aji cheap.

By the way, these aji fillets were dusted with katakuriko (corn starch) and deep-fried at a low temperature of 160C for a relatively long time of more than 5 minutes to make aji no nanban zuke.

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