Using Rice Flour/米粉を使う

Japanese Food

Today, I made two attempts to use rice flour in cooking.

Attempt 1: I used rice flour as part of tempura batter. I didn’t measure the amounts accurately, but I used about 30% rice flour and 70% wheat flour.
テスト1: 天ぷらの衣の一部として米粉を使いました。正確に量を測ったわけではありませんが、だいたい米粉を3割、小麦粉を7割使いました。

I also tested the tip I learned recently: Keep tempura warm after deep-frying.

I used an empty milk carton and some paper towels.

Attempt 2: I used rice flour to make karaage, instead of one part kakakuriko (potato starch) and one part wheat flour, which I usually use for coating.
テスト2: 唐揚げを作るのに、いつもは片栗粉と小麦粉を1:1で使うのに米粉を使いました。

I kept both tempura and karaage warm until serving them.

Here they are:

I can’t say I like the texture. I think I need some adjustments.

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