Vegetable Gardening Spring 2012/菜園作り、2012年春

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On April 21, I went to see how my rented field looked like.  Just as I had expected, it was still buried in snow due to the very heavy snowfall in the winter.

I had to put off vegetable gardening this spring until the snow disappeared.
I finally tilled the soil on May 7.

This photo was taken on May 9.
My rented field is the one at the center.  You may think it’s small (approx. 6 x 5 m), but it’s the right size for me.  With a larger field, I would definitely need a rotary tiller.
I made four ridges on May 14, and I laid mulch on May 20.

On May 27, I finally got around to planting seedlings.

Nine different varieties of tomato and cherry tomato, 30 seedlings in total; 8 tsurumurasaki (Malabar spinach) seedlings; 6 okra seedlings; and 6 Mulukhiyah seedlings

After planting tomato and cherry tomato seedlings, you will need supports called “ibo dake” and hemp yarn.

The planting season will soon be over, and I was lucky to have been able to buy tomato and cherry tomato seedlings very cheap, some of which were only 50 yen.
They were also very tall and some of them already had some small tomatoes/cherry tomatoes.

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