Very Early Harvest Miyazaki Koshihikari Rice/超早場米宮崎コシヒカリ

Japanese Food

I only recently learned that there is such a thing called cho-hayaba mai (very early harvest rice).  In Miyazaki in Kyushu, rice is planted in February and March, and is harvested in late July, before the typhoon season.  I was so intrigued by the very early harvest Miyazaki Koshihikari rice I ended up buying three 5-kg bags (plus one 1-kg bag of mochi awa, mentioned earlier).
つい最近、超早場米(ちょうはやばまい)というものがあることを知りました。九州の宮崎では、田植えが2月、3月に行われ、台風シーズン前の7月下旬には収穫をするそうです。超早場米宮崎コシヒカリがとても興味深かったので、5 kgの袋を3つ(それから、先に述べた1 kgの「もちあわ」)を買いました。

Incredible that I can have shinmai (new crop rice) in August!  Here in Niigata, rice is harvested in late September.

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