Wedding Ceremony and Reception, Part 3/結婚式と披露宴、パート3

Japanese Food
The reception ended at around 15:00. I took a free shuttle bus to Shin Osaka Station with my father and brother and saw them off, who took the 16:17 Shinkansen for Tokyo. I had to kill time in Osaka until the expressway bus arrived at Osaka Station at 22:00. I walked from Shin Osaka Station toward Osaka Station. I spent time in Loft (store that sells household commodities), MARUZEN & JUNKUDO (bookstore), and Hankyu Umeda Main Store (department store), among others.
I decided not to have supper, because I had more than enough at the reception. I went to a Doutor coffee shop and ordered one M size coffee.
250 yen. When I was in my early 20s, they offered a cup of coffee for 150 yen…

Doutor Coffee is probably the only major coffee shop chain that roasts their coffee with a direct-flame roasting method. They have developed direct-flame roasters with capacities of 120 kg and 200 kg by themselves.
多分、ドトールコーヒーはコーヒーを直火式で焙煎している唯一の大手コーヒーショップチェーンです。容量120 kg、200 kgの直火式焙煎機を自ら開発しています。

Edited to add a link to the webpage describing the history of Doutor Coffee:

The expressway bus arrived at Nagaoka at around 6:30 the next day, that is, February 2. I was pretty exhausted because I couldn’t sleep well.

I had this obento and canned coffee in the waiting room of Nagaoka Station.

The obento was good enough,
I wasn’t particularly fascinated by this canned coffee.
I like the cold version of this brand.
I took a 7:43 train and returned home before 9:00.
The “hikidemono” (present from the bride and groom to each guest) was:
cheesecake and a catalog from which you can select one item.
I discussed with my family, and selected the barbecue grill set.
Here is the present I bought for my family at the Hankyu department store:
Two types (soft and hard) of Baumkuchen.

Edited to add a link to Rich Field, which produces MOUNT DEKO and MOUNT BOKO.
MOUT DEKOとMOUNTO BOKOを作っているRich Fieldへのリンクを追加:

Note: I have no affiliation with Doutor Coffee or Rich Field.
注: 私はドトールコーヒーやRich Fieldと関係はありません。
I truly enjoyed my niece’s wedding ceremony and reception. I wish the new couple well!

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