What Has Become of My Dried Persimmons (Hoshi Gaki)/私の干し柿はどうなったか

Japanese Food

On November 18, I started to hang astringent persimmons (shibu gaki) in the garage to dry. Although I made sure that the window and the door of the garage were slightly open all the time, I have not yet succeeded in drying them to a satisfactory level as of December 15.

(Sorry for the bad photo.)

Anyway, I thought I should taste some, and brought two of them into the kitchen.

I expected that they would taste great because they were a bit like anpo gaki (semi-dried persimmons, made by first fumigating with sulfur and then drying), but
anpo gaki/あんぽ柿のイメージ

after three bites, I learned that the persimmon had not have its astringency removed!

Needless to say, I brushed my teeth soon after I took the photo above!

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