What Has Become of My Dried Persimmons (Hoshi Gaki), Continued/私の干し柿はどうなったか(続き)

Japanese Food
Continued from this post
I brought all the other dried persimmons to the kitchen, wondering what to do with them.  I searched the Internet for an answer.
Eureka!  Freezing persimmons will remove astringency from them!  I put the permissions in the freezer right away.  Today, about one week later, I asked my son if he wanted to try one.  Of course, I told him about the possible risk!  My son had it, and said it was good!  He soon took two others out of the freezer and had them, too.

I’m really glad that I didn’t throw them away.
NOTE:  If you freeze fresh astringent persimmons, it will take one month or longer until the astringency is removed from them.
注: 生の渋柿を冷凍する場合は、渋が抜けるのに一ヶ月以上かかります。

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