What Was Supposed to Be Mushroom Hunting…/きのこ狩りのはずが・・・

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Yesterday (Sep. 21), my son and I went mushroom hunting for the first time this season. The weather had been so good that we didn’t expect to gather many mushrooms. So, what was supposed to be mushroom hunting turned into major mountain climbing, reaching the summit of Mount Tairappyo (1983.7 m).
昨日(9/21)は今シーズン初めてきのこ狩りに息子と行きました。天気がそれまで良かったので、きのこはあまり採れないだろうと思いました。と言うわけで、きのこ狩りのはずが、本格的な山登りになってしまい、平標山(1983.7 m)の山頂まで行きました。

The scenery was spectacular, and I am very sorry that none of these photos justifies the beauty.

One of my son’s dreams came true: Finding tsukiyotake (Omphalotus guepiniformis), which is the main cause of mushroom poisoning in Japan.
息子の夢が叶いました。ツキヨタケ(Omphalotus guepiniformis)を見つけるということです。このきのこは、日本でのきのこ中毒の主な原因です。

At a glance, it looks like shiitake or hiratake (oyster mushroom).

My son was overjoyed at finding this mushroom: Yamabushitake (Hericium erinaceum)
息子はヤマブシタケ(Hericium erinaceum)を見つけて大喜びでした。

This is all the edible mushrooms we gathered by spending a whole day (8-hour trek).

After boiled:

My son wanted to have the yamabushitake as “sashimi” (after boiled, of course). He never minds some dirt on mushrooms. (Well, I do.)

I decided to have other mushrooms with udon, and bought these cheap udon noodles on our way back home.

Here is picture of my bowl. Sorry, I was too tired to take decent photos. I used a dashi, soy sauce, and mirin ratio of 12:1:1, like I usually do. Thus,
1,200 ml dashi
100 ml soy sauce
100 ml mirin
出汁1,200 ml
醤油100 ml
みりん100 ml

My son put a lot of mushrooms in his bowl.

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