Japanese Jersey Milk Monaka Bar Ice Cream

Japanese ice cream

There are many milk flavour ice creams in Japan. I’m never sure what they are supposed to taste like, possibly vanilla plus I know through the colour was that it was vanilla. This Jersey Milk Monaka bar is one of the best probably because Jersey milk has a high fat/ cream content, although I still prefer the Chocolate Monaka bar.

I suppose the Japanese ice cream tastes reminiscent of tinned sweet condensed milk. This is truly milky but that is what you’ll assume seeing it’s jersey milk. It’s a full-size Japanese ice cream bar packed with authentic ice-cream not the normal iced-confectionary type ice-cream. Once you open the packet, you can smell the vanilla of the ice cream and the biscuit. The generous piece of icecream is incredibly smooth and velvety and the very first mouthful shows strong, genuine vanilla flavour. The icecream is creamy and sweet. This is what good vanilla ice cream ought to be like. The biscuit part does not possess a lot of flavour, however that’s okay since its only a handy holder meant for the yummy ice-cream. The cookie cone is soft and not flaky so its good for eating a slightly melted bar. It’s easy to sink your teeth into into, but doesn’t crumble or fall apart. Another Monaka bar worth buying.

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