“Lockheed Lakester”

Love Moto

All aluminum wingtip tank has been transformed into a 2-person, turbocharged, HEMI 4-cylinder speedster in the style of a vintage salt flat racer. 

Faithful to its aviation theme, it is a unique hybrid of automotive and aviation components, celebrating man’s longtime passion for airplanes and automobiles. The cockpit features gunner seats from a Lockeed Neptune submarine chase. Directional control is achieved by a vintage steering wheel from a 1948 Rockwell Aero Commander, in lieu of a speedo, airspeed is measured by a pitot tube and air speed indicator. This is avery rare wing tip tank from a 50s Lockheed Super Constellation.
VIN 9692
Exterior Color SILVER
Interior Color GREY
Cylinders 4
Engine Size 1800CC
Transmission 5-SPEED MANUAL

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