‘MONTANA’ Sportster by Zadig Motorworks

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MONTANA -Harley Sportster by Zadig Motorworks for The Battle of the Kings 

Fabrizio is surrounded by a team including artist and architect to customize its Sportster Iron. “We rebuilt rather than just ties”, he says. Inspired by the Café Racers for more retro lines, Fabrizio wanted to go back to basics, to free his lines, keeping only the essential, to make a motorcycle “neoclassical” in the spirit motorcycles Milwaukee. To do this, Fabrizio and his team deconstructed and rebuilt many pieces to achieve a clean aesthetic and perfect: new reservoir, passing the exhaust under the seat, moving the entire electrical system, creating a new fairing … It was a fabulous opportunity to give expression to the creativity of engineers to shape and implement the new parts.

The build of the Cafe Racer styled Sportster, which has been affectionately name ‘Tony Montana’ was completed in conjunction with Harley Davidson. Their idea was to create a new bike around Martin Scorsese movie character. Their only prerequisite was that the bike maintains factory standards and utilises a cafe racer style. The brief sounded pretty simple, but there was one more condition that would have to be met… 100 pieces. You read it.

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