Deep Fried Yellow Onion-Hanh Tay Phi

Vietnamese food

In Vietnam we use shallot for this recipe.   When I came here, yellow onion is cheaper than shallot and easy to peel and slice.  Enjoy.
Yield one full cup
   1 large yellow onion
   1 cup vegetable oil

  1. Peel onion, thinly slice onion lengthwise by a veggie peeler or any method of your choice but need an identical thickness for even browning.  Spread in a thin layer and air dry for about 1 hour.
  2. In a medium sauce pan, heat oil over high heat.  Add onion slices into hot oil, stir occasionally but do not do anything else.  Have a heatproof strainer  over a bowl next to the pan.
  3. When the onion slices start turn light tan color, turn the heat down to medium and stir constantly now. When the onion turn light brown, remove from the hot oil immediately even some still not brown yet onto the strainer.  Spread out and drain well.  Save the oil for reuse later.  It is full flavor of onion now.

   Dark brown onion will be bitter and not good to eat any more so keep an eye close and remove onion a few shades lighter because it will continue cooking after being removed from the hot oil.
   Deep fried onion is used to flavor salad, stir fry, soup, sandwich, etc.  It can be keep in air tight at room temperature a few days.  It will get softer with time but the flavor is last longer.

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