Geoduck Sashimi- So/xo Voi Voi an song kieu Nhat

Vietnamese food

Geoduck Sashimi
Raw, thinly sliced Geoduck siphon

1 live geoduck clam
Sea salt
1 Lemon or lime
1 tsp Olive oil,
soy sauce,  wasabi, green onion (option)
A large bowl with ice water

1.  Boil a large pot of water enough to immerse the clam. Put the whole clam with the shell in boiling water for only 8 to 10 seconds. Remove it from boiling water and dip into the ice water.  Use a sharp knife slide along inside the shell to remove the body.  The shell can be removed before blanching. Remove and discard the long sleeve skin covered the siphon. Remove and discard the gut inside the mantle/body-It looks like a ball. Cut and separate the crunchy siphon and the body.  Use the siphon (phallic shape part) only for sashimi.
2.  Split open the siphon with a cut along the length, massage inside and outside with sea salt and clean with cold water.  Repeat one more time until no more slimy feeling.Clean the body same way but use for stew or deep fry.
3.  Thinly slide the siphon and arrange on a platter.  If the siphon is small, keep it in one piece but cut one or two shallow cuts along the length helped open it up;  if it is large can be cut into 2 pieces along the length. Sprinkle with sea salt and drizzle with lemon or lime juice and olive oil. Garnish with chive or green onion or .  Serve with a soy sauce and wasabi if preferred.
   Final verdict, I just taste it with lemon juice and sea salt.  It is good:  smell like fresh ocean/faint mild shellfish flavor, crunchy but tender close to fresh scallop texture.  IA foodie stated “It like candies of the sea”

*Note:  all raw food can can increase your risk of illness so prepare or consume food with your own risk.  Make sure you use live geoduck from a trusted source and prepare it carefully. Salt is capable to kill most bacterial outside of the siphon at 7% so if you get you live geoduck from a trusted source it is not easy to get sick.

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