Gooey Duck-Geoduck-Elephant Trunk Clam-So Voi Voi

Vietnamese food

Geoduck, “gooey duck means dig deep” has nothing related to duck but it is a salt water clam with a phallic shape which is attractive to some as an aphrodisiac and a delicacy  in Asian marked. Native to Northwest coast of America and Canada. Currently primary in Washington and British Columbia.  My curiosity was fed by an large odd shape clam picture on front page of Bloomberg Business magazine about poaching problem of Geoduck a few year ago, followed up with top chef show’s exotic protein from Geoduck.  It is very good source of amino acid and zinc as study reported.  Here I was standing in front a live Geoduck in Taylor Shellfish farm store in Washington.

Geoduck is sold as sashimi and chowder at store with a reasonable price but I wants to take it home to show it to my sister and brother and learn how to prepare it. This one is 1.9 lb x $29.00, total $55.00

Some oysters and clams going home too.  Why not? look at the bag-boasting the world best oysters.  No, they do not boast.  Their oysters absolutely taste best.  It is sold by dozen but do not expect the bigger the better will you.  Just do not have any left to take the pictures.

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