Spring Rolls with Grilled Flank Steak- Banh Trang Cuon Thit Bo Nuong

Vietnamese food

We have a lot of choices of Rice Paper or Banh Trang now in the markets.  There are lightly different texture and thickness.  Two main kinds you should know are Banh Trang is made by a mixture of rice flour and tapioca and Banh Trang Deo is made by pure tapioca flour or most of tapioca flour ( more sticky and pliable).  You can use either of them.  They are steamed and dried, just need water to moist them. Need less or no water at all if you use Tapioca sheet/Banh Trang deo.

Prepare and use regular Banh Trang:
Need a stack of plates: plastic,wood, vine or dinner plate, etc. I bought these green,plastic picnic plates at $1 dollars store a long time ago about $1 for 4 plates. You will need at least 4-5.   A bowl of cold water.

 Dip a rice paper into water cover with water completely, some of rice papers is very thin and need less water. Test one first, then adjust water amount.  Sometime all you need is moist your hand with water, then apply to the rice paper.

 Remove from water immediately, shake off most excess water.

 Put it on the plate.

We need 4 -5 rice paper for each person. You may put them on dinner plate. You can moist a few rice paper at a time then repeat later.

Check the first one underneath of the stack if it is soft enough to roll. It is getting soft very quick but do not need to be hurry. It will stay pliable for a while and very easy to work with.
Now get you ingredients ready.  I plate an example of everything for one roll in a plate but you do not need to do that-just assemble right atop of your plate.

You can roll for your guest or everyone makes their own.
Serve with fish sauce dip.  I post recipe early in broken rice with grilled pork, will re-post tomorrow.  Time to sleep.

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